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Welcome to Peter's Cajun Pizza Official Website!

 Cajun Creole Pizza

Best Traditional Pizza

 Gourmet Specials


Peter's Cajun Creole Pizza
Delivery Hours
Monday:  11am - 2am Tuesday:  11am - 2am
Wednesday:  11am - 2am
Thursday:  11am - 2am
Friday:  11am - 2am
Saturday:  4pm - 2am
Sunday:  4pm - 12pm
American Express and Visa Accepted


Pasta, Salad, Panzerotti

Our Pasta, Panzerotti, & Salad all consist of multiple possibilities. Here is what we are talking about!!!

Lasagna Meat or Vegetarian $9.00
Gnocchi $8.00
Tortellini or Tortellini Panna $8.00
Penne All Arrabiata $8.00
Penne Al Salmone $9.00
Fettuccini Alfredo $8.00
Fettuccini Primavera $9.00
Spaghetti Carbonara $9.00
Spaghetti Rocca Raso $8.00
Spaghetti Vongole $9.00
Pasta with Chicken $10.00
Caesar, Arugula Radicchio, Verde, Bocconcini, Ala Griglia, Mediterranean

All Salads are $6.95

Basic $4.00
Extra In. $0.50
Meat Sauce $1.25
Fried or Baked:
Cajun Chicken Wing $6.75
Cajun Calamari $5.95
Cajun Fries $1.50/$3.25
Ask About our Sandwiches the next time you come in!!!

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 In Focus
 The next big focus is an another rock concert, performed by Najda, a member of a group called "SMAK"!!! Also one of the legendary groups of Serbian Rock...

 Peter's Cajun Pizza is located on 181 Parliament St. (near Queen Street East) 

If you require a map of this location please click on the Location button.

If you require to contact Peter's Cajun Pizza please call: (416) 368 8099 or send a fax to the same number.

To contact the webmaster of the website please send your e-mails to: Denis